A Day in the Life of Addison (And His Countless Encounters With Marketing)

A Day in the Life of Addison (And His Countless Encounters With Marketing)

Marketing is all around us. In fact, you would be surprised by how many marketing-relating things you come across on any given day. Here’s a glimpse of a day in the life of Addison, a co-author of this blog and student at the University of Notre Dame, and just see how many marketing concepts he encounters!

8:00: Wake Up and Shower

While you might think that Addison’s shower doesn’t have anything to do with marketing, we have a surprise for you. As it turns out, it’s a great exercise for discussing how products are positioned and analyzing what role a specific customer has in a company. Addison has confessed to being a loyal Pantene purchaser. To keep his luscious locks shining, Addison wants to purchase the optimal conditioner. In his mind, Pantene is positioned as such a brand. Since Pantene makes consistent money off Addison’s quest for the perfect coif, Addison acts as a “true friend” to the company.

8:25: Go to Dining Hall for Hearty Breakfast

Every morning, Addison has the choice to go to the dining hall or another food source on campus. Based on his decision, the dining hall has a comparative advantage in terms of its product. Addison likes to stay active and healthy, so healthiness is an important factor in his decision making process. He also considers price. Since he has already paid for his meal swipes, going to the dining hall means incurring no additional costs for a nice and healthy start to the day.

9:15: Grab a Huddle Coffee on the Way to Macroeconomics Classblog 2.1

A large majority of Notre Dame students drink coffee from Starbucks or Au Bon Pain. Addison’s choice of Huddle coffee makes him a part of advertising for the Huddle. When he rolls into his Macro class, people will take note of the differently colored paper cup. And when Addison recommends Huddle coffee to his friends in class, he is participating in “word-of-mouth” marketing, which, since the Huddle Mart has virtually no marketing budget, can be a huge help.

10:15: Walk to CoMo For Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric

In this class, Addison learns about popular visual advertising techniques used by companies. Advertisements are the first things most people think of when they hear the word “marketing,” and it definitely does play a significant role in the marketing process. However, it’s very important to remember that marketing consists of much, much more than just advertisements.

11:30: Meet Up With Friends For Lunch in the Dining Hall

While Addison is enjoying a relaxing lunch with his friends, he notices a table tent flyer advertising the new nutritional label initiative by Notre Dame. The initiative lets students find out about the nutritional information of the dining hall food. Addison decides to find out exactly what he is putting into his body, so he goes on his phone to go to the Notre Dame mobile app to look at the nutritional facts. This is a very effective marketing strategy.  blog 2.2

12:15: Go Back to Keough Hall and Work on Writing and Rhetoric Paper Using MacBook

Addison is eternally grateful for the $1,200 his parents spent to buy him his MacBook, and he loves to show his gratitude by giving them shoutouts on Snapchat. By posting on Snapchat, he gives positive exposure of Apple products to his 350 followers and gets brownie points from his parents as they are loyal followers of Addison’s Snapchat as well.

1:15: Take a 20-Minute Long Nap

We’re betting that you are getting the gist of things at this point, and you are counting on a creative take on how marketing has influenced Addison to nap, or how Addison is impacting the world by catching some zzz’s. Sorry to disappoint, but maybe not absolutely everything is about marketing. Addison just likes naps.

1:45: Head to Debartolo Hall for Marketing Class

Enough said.

3:15: Walk Back to Keough Hall to Struggle Through Statistics Problem Set

Unfortunately, Addison is really frustrated with his statistics problem set and realizes he may need outside help to understand the material. Addison’s friend Luke Chval has been pumping up chegg.com as a service to help with his math and science struggles, but another friend Pat Lacy swears by just going to office hours. As he gathers information (the second step in the consumer decision process) to solve his recognized problem, relying on Pat and Luke is a great example of utilizing external resources for acquiring information.

6:30: Go to Rockne to Play Basketball

Addison then decides he needs a study break and heads to the nearby gym. Wearing Kyrie Irving model Nike basketball shoes, Addison is promoting Nike and giving them valuable brand exposure in the crowded gym. His stellar play also enhances the brand image of Nike, acting like a celebrity endorsement. Furthermore, the Cleveland Cavaliers gain brand exposure due to the promotion of one of their star players, Kyrie Irving.

7:30: Go to Subway

Addison has a bit of a social media following, and in order to satisfy his avid fans, he likes to keep them posted on his activities and interests, including his love for Subway. By posting a quick picture to Instagram during dinner, he simultaneously engages with the company online while also generating new interest for Subway among his followers.

8:15: Go on Social Media After Returning Home

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all have ads these days and Addison is exposed to them every night. Increasingly, social media shapes how we perceive the world around us. The ads he sees influence his decisions the next day. Maybe if Starbucks has a promotion he notices on instagram, Addison will abandon his beloved Huddle Mart coffee and become a little more #basic tomorrow. More drastically, he might abandon his love of Pantene (the horror!) and switch to Dove conditioner if they’ve got a killer commercial.

8:30: Homework Followed By Sleep

During this time, Addison will be walking around his hall wearing a dope Coca-Cola t-shirt, giving them brand exposure and promoting their line of t-shirts. This line of t-shirts represents a brand extension for Coke.

Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear about all the marketing-related things you encounter in your everyday life.


11 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Addison (And His Countless Encounters With Marketing)

    1. Thank you for your comment! This just shows how marketing plays a huge role in all of our lives. Starbucks marketing strategies work on you, while Addison is influenced by the marketing strategies of the Huddle. We post every Friday, so please come back next Friday to read another informative blog post!


  1. It’s so interesting to see how seemingly trivial product decisions are part of a much bigger picture! Erin participated in word-of-mouth marketing by showing this blog to her friends…great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Addison, you have really thought through how marketing is present in your daily routine. I think it’s surprising that you are able to function after only taking a 20 minute nap. Also, I like your decision between Chegg and office hours..smart. How does your choice in music relate to marketing though? It doesn’t. Admittin’ is the first step.


    1. Our choice in music definitely relates to marketing. The music we listen to exposes us to targeted marketing. For example, the advertisements you listen in Spotify is directly inspired from the music you listen to on the app. Thank you for your comment! We post every Friday, so please come back next Friday to read another informative blog post!


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